back to blogging?

i’ve been scared to blog. not entirely sure why. well. i do know why… so that last part is a lie. just feels like there are others to “compete with”… others that know more, that are more inspiring and encouraging, that write meaningful stuff. i feel like i just bitch too much. but, this is my space to write [other than my journals]. maybe it doesn’t measure up, but whatever. oh well.

another mother’s day has come and gone. same shit, different day. i feel numb. upset. indifferent. frustrated. uncertain. angry. sad. maybe evern happy? what the HELL?!?! WHO feels happy? trying not to judge it.

not entirely sure what’s up with my job. hoping for the best…..

well, with that, good night. i don’t know what else there is for me to say.

[and i need to be okay with that]