read, write, repeat

that’s what i’ve been doing today… reading (books, blogs, tweets, posts) and writing (in a journal, facebook, twitter, and now on my laptop).

i don’t really use my laptop much… the iphone is just so much easier and more mobile. but i also like the feel of the laptop. ¬†neither here nor there though.

i’ve focused a lot lately on advocacy lately. ¬†i’m so tired of people being treated poorly because of who they ARE.. who they love, what they believe, how they look, what they say.

for instance, the shit that my LGBT friends face everyday is disgusting. ¬†i’m often left speechless and downright angry, and i don’t identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender. i can only imagine what goes on in their minds, in their worlds. ¬†i stand with them – as a straight ally, friend, (or a therapist, as some clients identify as LGBT), and advocate. ¬†a friend of ¬†mine said today, “an ally is more than a straight person that supports LGBT folks… a true ally is one who listens, takes the attention away from themselves, loves, and learns. ¬†it’s my hope that an ally is also a safe person.”

{a safe person}

i am thankful for my own safe people… that in the midst of chaos, uphill battles, difficult times, and triggers are [there] for me. not only in those times, but also the lovely, joyous, hilarious times.

and i pray that i will continue to be a safe person for others too.


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