It’s officially Christmas Eve…

There’s so much to DO. Finish buying gifts, wrapping putting gifts in gift bags, go to physical therapy, call out of town family, clean, pay bills etc. I need to take the time later today (or right now) to just BE. I was reading from ‘eat, pray, love’ a bit ago and I came across something I’d forgotten. Liz (I suppose I’m on a first name basis with Ms. Gilbert haha) wrote how tough it was to be present and mindful during meditation in India… What it’s like to quiet the mind, to be at peace with oneself.

That’s desirable; yet I’m not on some super duper quest to go back to India, or to find an Ashram where I can meditate.

Sometimes I just need to SLOW DOWN & BREATHE. The world isn’t going to end if every last present doesn’t look fantastic in a gift bag or if my hair doesn’t look extra nice for those impromptu mid-present opening pics.

It’s tough to tame that anxiety. Damnit, it’s tough. Just because I intellectually know and I teach clients about reducing their anxiety doesn’t mean that my ducks are always 100% in a row.

Here’s to more moments of BEING. (And now, moments of sleeping šŸ˜“)


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