SO much food.

It feels like I’ve been eating for days on end… Such is the holidays in my family though. This was a nice treat tonight:




Thanksgiving is tomorrow…..

And that means family time. Liz Gilbert says it well. Sometimes you have to love from a SAFE DISTANCE.

Here’s the link:

Here’s to a day full of thankfulness – and part of that is that I’m thankful of my own growth. Slowly, but surely, (with grace for myself!) keeping a safe distance from an especially toxic family member tomorrow.

Just for a laugh, I love the e-card below. It’s true too šŸ™‚

take care of YOU tomorrow too!


Keep Writing

” keep writing”, I told my client. “Write out the bad stuff, the hurt, the confusion, the chaos. Don’t keep it bottled up.”

To take my own advice, what a concept, right?

Here’s to writing. The good, bad, ugly, hilarious, joyous, angry times. All of it.

A friend shared something today, about extending the same amount of grace to ourselves as we do to others… In every circumstance. Even the times when grace is the LAST thing you want to give to yourself.

I need to do this.

As my therapist says, “KW, you’re in charge now, not them.”

Maybe somewhere in the midst of all of (this) along with grace, there will be assertiveness. Because there needs to be. No one can be assertive for me, but me.